F.A.Q. / troubleshooting

Problems?  Questions? Check here first for common answers related to Rev-Volt R/C products.

CAUSE: The batteries in the car or the controller were not properly inserted.

SOLUTION: Re-insert the batteries correctly as indicated.

CAUSE: The car or the controller are switched off.

SOLUTION: Switch the car or controller power ON.

CAUSE: The car or controller battery is drained of power.

SOLUTION: Charge or replace the AA batteries or re-charge the Rechargeable battery.

CAUSE: Radio signal is intermittent during signal transmission.

SOLUTION: Re-Start the On/Off Power

CAUSE: The safety feature has switched on due to the high temperature of the vehicle.

SOLUTION: Let the vehicle rest for 5 minutes to cool the temperature of the car.

Each R/C remote operates at a specific frequency (Megahertz or mHz) to communicate with the vehicle. In the United States, the frequency is typically 27 mHz or 49 mHz.  The frequency sticker can be found on the remote as well as underneath the vehicle.  You can operate TWO R/C’s at the same time, if one R/C is 27 mHz and the other is 49 mHz.

Some R/C’s allow you to choose a channel within the frequency (27 mHz channel A, B and C and 49 mHz channel A, B and C).  In this case, you can operate up to SIX R/C’s at the same time by assigning a channel to each vehicle and controller.

In addition, certain Rev-Volt RC vehicles use 2.4Ghz frequencies that will automatically adjust so that you can play with other R/C vehicles at the same time with no interference.

Please note that frequency does not affect the performance of the R/C vehicle.

When changing batteries, be sure to avoid mixing alkaline and lithium batteries, mixing brands and mixing old batteries with new ones. Doing so, could reduce overall performance and cause battery leakage or rupture. If you are using rechargeable batteries, be sure to follow manufacturer’s charging instructions.

No, the wheeled vehicles are not water-proof.

Goodly Toys, Inc., warrants to the original consumer purchaser that any non-die cast collectible product will be free of defect in material and workmanship for thirty (30) days from date of purchase. Goodly Toys, Inc. will repair or replace the product at our sole option, in the event of such a defect within the warranty period.

We provide a 30 day LIMITED manufacturer warranty on all of our products. For defective product covered under this 30 day warranty, you can:

Return the defective product to the retailer.

The best choice is to return it to the original place of purchase with a receipt. Most reputable retailers have programs in place with Goodly Toys and will take care of defective issues with a store credit or exchange.

Return the defective product to Goodly Toys.

For products covered by our warranty, Goodly Toys will either fix or replace the defective item with the same or equivalent product depending on availability.  Please call us or e-mail us at customerservice@goodlytoys.com for a return authorization number to ship the product back to us.  Please have your product and receipt ready in order for us to best serve you.


For additional troubleshooting assistance as well as details on the proper set-up, operation and warning statements for your Re-Volt RC vehicle, please refer to the instruction manual for your particular model available for download below.



5 Rounds Stunt RC Item # 5588-602
Double Roll Stunt RC Item # 5588-603
3 Rounds Stunt RC Item # 5588-605
2 Rounds Stunt RC Item # 5588-606
Crawling Stunt RC Item # 5588-610
Stingray Sneak RC Item # 5588-612
Two-Side Wraith RC Item # 5588-613
Four Wheel Stunt RC Item # 5588-614
Punisher Rotating Hammer RC Item # 5588-615
Hover Stunt Storm RC Item # 5588-616
Stunt N Slide Cube RC Item # 5588-617
Crawling Ghost RC Item # 5588-709
Drifting Adventurer RC Item # 5588-620
All Terrain Tornado RC Item # 5588-622
Twisting Phantom RC Item # 5588-624
Crawling Cyclone RC Item # 5588-625
Stunt Acrobat RC Item # 5588-626


For questions, comments, problems or concerns with one of our products, send us an e-mail using the form below.