Built for high-speed with unstoppable power, the Crawling Ghost R/C Vehicle will flip into amazing tricks!  Designed to perform many stunts, the Crawling Ghost has a mission to win against the competition day or night with the high-powered running lights.  Watch it tackle stairs, flip over obstacles, ricochet off of walls –- how far will you take it?
  • Full-function control of forward, reverse, left and right motion
  • Engineered for speed and ultimate tricks – pop a wheelie!
  • Loaded with stunts – wheelies, 360 spinning, plus rollover and flip-over action
  • Light-up features for night time racing and stunt competition
  • Built for speed and uncompromised rugged materials
Model # 5588-709
Operating frequency: 27 MHz
Requires (not included):
2 x AAA Heavy Duty batteries (for remote control)
4 x AAA Heavy Duty batteries (for vehicle)