Stingray Sneak performs high-speed tricks and unique stunts with a rotating back wheel design that will quickly spin this R/C into 360 action! The light-up feature down the center the body creates cool light effects at night, making your nighttime tricks wicked cool! The Stingray handles jumps, flips, tumbles, 360 spins, and more, day or night! Make quick turns, left-right-left, right-left-right, with the trick back wheel. This R/C is ready for competition and ready to outperform!
  • Full-function control with forward, reverse, plus left and right quick turning for cool stunts!
  • Engineered to perform high-speed stunts: 360 spins, flips, tumbles, pops wheelies, and many other tricks
  • Jumping and shaking action
  • Lights up for cool evening stunt and racing effects
  • Trick back wheel designed for unique stunts
Model # 5588-612
Operating Frequency: 27 MHz
4 x AA batteries (for vehicle)
2 x AA batteries (for remote control)