From wheelies to rollover stunts the Twisting Phantom has the power and torque for great stunt action spins, rolls, and double-side car moves – it’s unstoppable! The 5th wheel and full function controller gives it the extra edge to perform unique stunts at high speed. From race mode to incredible tricks, like popping a wheelie while spinning the front-end wheel axle – this Phantom is a one-of-a-kind supreme stunt RC!
  • 5 Wheel Stunts from wheelies to rollover stunts
  • Full-function control (forward, reverse, left and right)
  • High speed rotation and racing action
  • 360º spins and formation stunts
Model # 5588-624
Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
4 X 1.5V AA/LR6 batteries (not included)
2 x AA batteries (not included)