Are you ready? Your Drifting Adventure is about to begin! High-speed racing with quick turning action creates the ultimate drifting experience. Full function RC is equipped to handle 360º spins and create amazing stunts. Pop wheelies day and night with the running lights creating the ultimate light stunt show. The 2.4 GHz race channel is designed to compete with other vehicles, allowing the RCs to run at the same time without interference – it’s only a matter if they can keep up with you!
  • Drifting power with the full-function control (forward, reverse, left and right)
  • High speed racing action with drifting and skidding performance
  • Running night light racing beams
  • Wheelie and 360º stunts and spins
Model # 5588-620
Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
7.4V Lithium Rechargeable battery (for vehicle)
2 x AA batteries (for remote control)
USB charger