The Double Roll Stunt is built for speed and 4 n 1 stunts! The high-profile wheels provide excellent traction for terrain to take this R/C beyond barriers. Perform the latest stunts, like the double-side car and double roll, and more! Traverse stairs and obstacles with the full-functional remote and high impact absorbing body design. With endless tricks and stunts, this R/C has no limits!
  • Full-function control of forward, reverse, left and right motion for 4 n 1 stunts!
  • Stunts include 360 degree spins, double-side car, and left-right swing
  • Innovative flip-over action control functions
  • Engineered to be powerful enough to flip off the walls, ramps, and stairs
  • Built from high quality and rugged materials
Model # 5588-603
Operating Frequency: 27MHz
Not Included:
4 x AA batteries (for vehicle)
2 x AA batteries (for remote control)